How To Become A Professional Drones Pilot

The opportunities for drone system pilots are expanding. The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology has announced the manufacture of long-range drones to operate in security and defense.

The Future of Drones in Vietnam

“The study affirms that Vietnam has the ability to manufacture long-range unmanned aircraft to serve the cause of socio-economic development and contribute to national security protection”, Dr. Pham Ngoc Lang, said the research inventor.

Drones will have a future of jobs in the domestic film, reportage and television industries. In addition, Drones can help transport goods everywhere very handy and fast.

Jobs for Drone pilots in Vietnam

Unmanned pilot career promises to be a hot job in Vietnam in the future. Looking through the United States, we see recruitment criteria such as requiring pilots to be at least 6 years old and passing the aviation knowledge test at the FAA, or in other words, they should acquire Part 61 of the individual pilot certificate or higher and complete an online UAS training course offered by the FAA.

Currently on the job search website in Vietnam, there are only programming jobs for Drones, there is no recruiting pilots for Drones. But as you can see, the Drones industry has evolved around the world. We believe that in the next few years Vietnam will also have a lot of jobs for drone pilots.

The drone becomes an effective nurse

In the Swedish country is considering bringing drones into the group of rapid ambulances. Because transporting an ambulance with a drone will be many times faster than a rescue vehicle before. Scientists are working to put this idea into practice.1

In the future, Vietnam can also learn, which will certainly save a lot of patients in emergency situations.

How are drone pilots around the world hired and paid?

The UAS industry around the world is growing rapidly and activities are being combined in many industries, such as firefighting, agriculture and law enforcement. Possessing the UAS remote pilot certificate can become an important qualification for some specializations, and can also become a factor for hiring and compensation. At the same time, current operators are free to market their services in addition to permanent jobs, such as providing aerial images of homes or properties to real estate agents.

Kitty Collins